Stepping Into Eternity

Working as a part time hairdresser in a care home gives me the wonderful opportunity to give the gospel message to whoever wants to hear it.

Last week, I was asked to tidy the hair of a dying man, and when I entered his room and saw his withered body lying there I was overcome with compassion, and silly me walked out of the room in tears. Wiping the tears from my eyes I felt the Lord prompting me to go back in. So I did.

The carer was very good and helped me gently adjust his head from one side and then to the other, so that I could tidy his hair, as best I could. While I was cutting, we noticed that his eyes were wide open, and that he looked petrified. I asked her, what’s he looking at? And she told me that he had been seeing dark figures in his room and that they scared him.

So I immediately thought, I need to read God’s word in his room, these dark figures have to leave right now! So when I had finished cutting his hair, the carer left the room and I stayed a little while longer to comfort him.

He did not speak to me, but communicated with his eyes. I asked him if he would like me to read some scripture to him and he looked up at me with his eyes and his mouth wide open as if to say yes, but nothing came out, then he nodded.

While I was reading to him, he slowly and painfully turned his frail body towards me to hear the message of salvation, then he shed a tear, closed his eyes and looked peaceful.

I looked around his room and saw a beautiful picture of his wife, she must have been about five or six in that picture, and it was still in perfect condition. I noticed certificates hanging on his wall as rewards for his excellent work as an architect, and then there was another picture, of them on their wedding day. But no family pictures and come to think of it, he had been in that home since I had started four years ago and I had never seen anyone come to visit him, apart from a neighbour. I think his wife must have meant the world to him.

I thank the Lord for using me that day, it was a privilege to spend time with that lovely man, and I pray that he is with his precious wife now, walking the streets of gold in eternity.

13 thoughts on “Stepping Into Eternity

  1. A moving story about life. leaving is part of it. It’s good that he could hear the words that came out of your mouth. For two years I was a volunteer in the hospice. At this point people were leaving quickly.


      1. The most difficult part was in the children’s ward. He was speechless. You came back so sad that you could not eat or talk. It is difficult to be cheerful with the child’s departure and suffering. We do not accept it. It is different with an adult. If you agree with God it is easier. This time has come. May the departure be in dignified conditions and with relatives. If there is no family then a volunteer enters. It helps to go. Holding a hand dying or suffering is a safety crush. It is worth working for yourself with suffering people to look more at your life.


  2. How touching, Piera. My heart ached so to read of him being so afraid of those dark figures… knowing he was alone… with strangers… and a prisoner to his own body. Praise God for the souls He send us.. the comforting voices… the reassuring words… and the Word of God itself! I am glad to know that man is no longer alone or imprisoned to His body!
    God bless you!


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