Rosacea: Why you may have it

Are you desperately trying to figure out why you’ve ended up with Rosacea? Well let’s take a good look at your life, and see if we can do anything to improve your facial skin condition. Write these questions down and answer them honestly:

⁃ Are you constantly worrying about everything and anything?

⁃ Are you angry all the time?

⁃ Are you harbouring resentment?

⁃ Are you using harsh chemicals to cleanse your face with, which is leaving your skin feeling tight, stinging, or tingling?

⁃ Do you have an underlying gut issue, e.g Coeliac disease or have a gluten sensitivity, which you are not aware of?

⁃ Does your diet contain a lot of acidic foods and drinks such as; caffinated drinks, carbonated sugary drinks, alcohol, spicy foods, processed foods, etc.?

All of these negative factors can contribute to developing Rosacea. So if you have answered these questions with an open heart, you’ll be able to see what positive changes you need to make, in order to start your healing process.

Depending on how severe your Rosacea is, you may need to have a few laser treatments done to reduce the redness. But, it is imperative that you change to a healthy lifestyle, so that you can completely heal and prevent it from re-occuring.

If you have any questions, please send me a message, I KNOW what you’re going through and will be more than happy to help. 😊

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