Interstitial Cystitis: Trust and Faith

There were times when I felt as though IC was going to be part of my life forever! It was destroying my life! I couldn’t leave the house for fear of having a panic attack. I could only walk so far, my bladder and bowel felt so raw and inflamed. Even though I had support from my family I couldn’t help but feel alone in this pain! It was like someone was torturing me from the inside, squeezing my bladder untill it throbbed. Apart from trying to change my diet and taking a bunch of vitamins and minerals to heal from this dreadful disease, I turned to God and prayed with all of my heart that he would help me. And while reading the Bible I came across this verse in Philippians 4:15 –

“I can do all things through Christ which strengheneth me.”

No matter how awful I felt, I just held on to the belief that He was going to heal me and He did! THANK YOU JESUS!! ❤️❤️❤️

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