My favourite essential oils are Myrrh, Frankinsence, and Lavender

Don’t you just love getting into your cosy bed at night? I do.

Once I’m in bed, I usually drift off into a deep sleep for about eight hours. A good night’s sleep helps me feel refreshed, and ready to start the day by looking after my home and family, cooking nutritious breakfasts and gluten-free lunches for my girls to take to work and school.

But last night, God had other plans for me.

At around 4am, I awoke with the thought of ‘Esther’ clearly impressed in my mind. Half awake, I reached for my pen, which was on my bedside table, and I scribbled her name down on my writing pad. I did this to remind myself to read the ‘Book of Esther’ in the Holy Bible later in the day.

Now, half asleep, my bladder was starting to annoy me, so I thought I’d better pay a visit to the bathroom, or else l would never get back to sleep.

Slipping quietly back under the covers, I lay there wondering, what did Esther actually had done to her for a year in preparation to meet the King Ahasuerus? I had read this story before, but for some reason I could not remember. With this playing on my mind, I was desperate to know the answer. So I went downstairs, grabbed my husband’s zip-up top, and began to read the Bible.

And there it was, in the book of Esther chapter 2 verse 12:

Now when every maid’s turn was come to go in to king Ahasuerus, after that she had been twelve months, according to the manner of the women, (for so were the days of their purifications accomplished, to wit, six months with oil of myrrh, and six months with sweet odours, and with other things for the purifying of the women;)

I could see that the Lord was answering my prayers as the words, “oil of myrrh” and “purification” seemed to jump right out at me. I had been studying essential oils for the past several months, and at times found it a little confusing to know which ones were the best, or the most powerful. But from reading the Bible, it has become clear to me that Myrrh, Frankincense, and Spikenard (lavender) are the ones I’ll definitely use in time of need.

Here are some interesting facts, taken from the book, ‘USING GOD’S MEDICINE, for the abundant life’ by Dr. Eric L. Zielinski

“After centuries of use in aromatic and medicinal forms, science is uncovering more and more of it’s benefits by the day. Some of the scientifically acknowledged properties of myrrh include:

  • Antiseptic
  • Anesthetic
  • Antitumor
  • Antiparasitic
  • Antioxidant
  • Wound healing

These actions have been traditionally applied to skin infections, oral health, Inflamation, intestinal health, and pain relief, all confirmed In some way by modern science”.

Don’t forget, if you want to get hold of these or any other essential oils, please visit my shop. Thank you!


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