Coping and eliminating Candida for good

When I was suffering with severe Candida (an overgrowth of yeast), keeping my sugars low was not enough to eliminate it. I had tried that approach before, for about a year, and believe me it just did not work!

In my desperation, I had also tried many different types of natural anti-fungals, such as; Grape fruit seed extract, Olive leaf extract and Caprylic Acid, but to no avail. They all seemed to help me while I was taking them, but as soon as I stopped, my Candida levels would rise, and be out of control again.

So with the help and advice of my homeopath, for 16-weeks I began a very strict diet of no wheat, dairy, sugar (including fruit), and of course, yeast containing products. She told me it would be hard, and to try not to ‘cheat’. But she reassured me that all my Candida symptoms would clear up in that time.

I was now on a mission to clear my cupboards from all those ‘forbidden’ ingredients. I also raided the fridge; throwing away all my jams, marmalades, sauces, and pickles. All those foods were feeding my Candida, and I’d just about had enough!

To tell you the truth, I found the first two weeks challenging. I remember feeling overwhelmed while food shopping, and wondering what on earth was I going to eat. Every box, packet, can or jar of food seemed to contain one or more of the ingredients I was NOT to have.

This was the time when I was forced to take a good look at my life and at the foods I was eating.

I was brought up on a healthy Mediterranean diet, but over the years I was slowly falling into an easy ‘pre-packaged, processed-type’ of diet, which God had not intended for us. Now with my eyes opened I could see that it was making me and everybody around me sick. This spurred me on to healing myself with natural, God-given food, and not the man-made kind.

Well, you’ll be encouraged to know that I’ve been Candida-free for about a year now. And even though I felt awful at times, the fungal infection taught me to appreciate REAL FOOD, the kind that grows on trees, and up through the ground, and NOT in a box!

So, from now on, it’s got to be as natural as possible for me (and also for you, I hope).


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