At last, the perfect moisturiser!


I cannot separate my passion for food and nutrition with what I put on my face. After all, everything affects the skin, the environment we live in, stress and anxiety, and all the foods that we eat and drink.

So, having suffered for many years in the past with Rosacea, which is a facial skin condition. I became cautious and found it very difficult to find the right moisturizer for me. But after reading a book by Dr. Eric L. Zielinski called, “Using God’s Medicine for the abundant life: An Evidence-Based Approach to Essential oils“, I was intrigued, and wanted to know more about how these essential oils could provide us with so many healing properties. Therefore, after many hours of research, I decided to become a Neal’s Yard Remedies Consultant.

It’s taken me a long time to put my trust in a product, but Neal’s Yard Remedies are Organic, Soothing, Hydrating, Moisturizing and Rejuvenating. What more could I ask for.

The one I’m using now (and I absolutely love it!) is: Frankincense Hydrating Cream, which:

  • Is clinically proven to moisturize for up to 24 hours
  • Instantly hydrates and rejuvenates
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


The next one I’ve got my eye on is Soothing Starflower- Daily Moisture as it:

  • Rehydrates without overloading the skin
  • Lightweight and easily absorbed
  • Calming and fragrance free

So if your skin is ultra-sensitive, then this would probably be a better choice, as it contains no alcohol and as it states, is fragrance free.

Please click here to take a look at these wonderful products!


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